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One Step Closer

Hi, all! I wanted to update you a little bit about how my journey has been going. As of right now these are the schools I have applied to/ will apply to:

Western University of Health Sciences MSN-E (due Oct 1st originally, then extended to Nov 1st)

Emory University ABSN/MSN (early action due Oct 15th)

University of Pennsylvania BSN+MSN (due Oct 15th)

Columbia University MDE/DNP (due Oct 16th)

Yale University GEPN (due Nov 1st)

Boston College Direct Master's (due Nov 15th)

MGH Institute of Health Professions DEN (due Jan 1st)

I submitted my application for Emory University's ABSN/MSN program on October 6th and received an email that my status was updated on Octover 15th. I anxiously logged in to my account and found out I was... WAITLISTED. Considering Emory U's application was only comprised of my unofficial transcripts and resume, I was quite surprised! I wish they had an opportunity to read my personal statement to really get to know me and my ambitions, but I was glad it wasn't a rejection.

On to some greater news...

I received an interview invite this morning from UPenn for their accelerated BSN/MSN program, women's health nurse practitioner program! I am BEYYYOOONNDDD excited! I am incredibly thankful that I received this interview, because UPenn could possibly place accelerated BSN/MSN applicants into the pool of accelerated BSN applicants. So... YES, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to interview for this program and in the specialty that I LOVE. The in-person interview seems to be set for December 14th, but I unfortunately have a Microbiology final that same week... and plane tickets especially THIS late in the game are pretty pricey. So I may opt for the phone interview, which has been reiterated plenty of times, will not decrease chances of acceptance. Fingers crossed! This is great news as UPenn is one of the top nursing programs and has endless amounts of resources to help their students grow and achieve their personal and professional goals. Until next time!



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