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Applying to Accelerated Nursing Programs

Welcome, all! Since graduating from UC San Diego this past June 2015, I have moved back home and have been dedicating my time to finishing up my last few prerequisites, applying for programs, and eating TONS of homemade food. Living at home is convenient -- both financially and for my grumbling stomach.

I already have my Bachelor's degree, so I am focusing my efforts into applying for programs that will help me reach my goal in becoming a nurse practitioner. Before graduating undergrad, I did a lot of research and decided to apply to a handful of direct entry MSN programs. They all had spread out due dates; some were due middle of October, in November, December, and in January. I am guilty of using the allnurses forums to keep myself up to date with any changes in other candidate's statuses and interactions with admissions. I say that I am guilty for using this source for information because at times, individuals may say things that psych you out, upset you, or even make you feel like you're not good enough. At times, they may also give you wrong pieces of information. So if you are an individual who lurks through those forums, be sure to take everything with a grain of salt!

Being a West Coast girl my entire life, I have always desired to explore the East Coast. I have some family in Pennsylvania as well as New York, so knew I had people to show me around, but I never got around to purchasing the plane ticket. Perhaps being accepted to one of the programs I applied to on the East Coast will lead me to that next huge change in my life!



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