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Lands End Trail (NorCal)

If you're looking for a simple stroll/walk that will give you some gorgeous San Francisco views, the Lands End Coastal Trail is perfect for you! I usually start at Eagles Point, so if you are looking to do the Coastal Trail in its entirety (about 3 miles round trip), you can google search Lands End Trail Eagles Point to direct you to that starting location. At that start, you will get a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you're lucky and Karl the Fog isn't in, you'll be able to grab a couple of photos. You can proceed down the maintained trail and find yourself following signs for Coastal Trail -- this will lead you to Mile Rock Beach and then eventually to the historic Sutro Baths.

{{LANDS END LABYRINTH}} I admit... I don't normally go all the way down to the end of the trail! :X Along the trail if you keep your eye to the right side, you will see a set of stairs that lead down to Mile Rock Beach. There isn't a sign for this as you approach these stairs which can sometimes be hidden. There's this portion of the set of stairs that break away and turn down to the left, but don't veer left. Just proceed straight up in the same direction the stairs that led you down is facing, and follow the path (sometimes it's covered in trees). You should be able to climb over some rocks and overlook the Lands End Labyrinth made of rocks. I know this place is kind of tricky to find the first time if you head over without reserching a bit about its whereabouts. There are also ways to get down from here, just be careful of footing, and you can test out the labyrinth for yourself! I took this picture on a cloudly day. If you get here on a clear day, you can get a photo of both the labyrinth and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background!


Length: About 3 mi round trip

Difficulty: Easy (You can wear casual clothing and still be able to do the hike. If the ground is wet, you may want to wear actual hiking shoes)

Duration: About an hour round trip (if you go all the way to Sutro Baths)

Happy Hiking!



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