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Palomarin Trailhead to Alamere Falls (Marin County, NorCal)

My mom is a pretty cool mom. She is down to go on these amazing hikes with me and be simply adventurous. We went on a hike this past Friday to Alamere Falls in Bolinas. The hike was about 9 miles round trip. My mom was surprisingly super adventurous! We started at Palomarin Trailhead and made our way to the signs that said ALAMERE FALLS. UNMAINTAINED TRAILS. Don't fret, you will be able to make it through the shrubs of the unmaintained trails and find yourway to the glorous falls. The entire hike was extremely peaceful.

My mom and I started the hike around 7:20am and we wore long sleeves to avoid contaminating our skin with any poison oak/ivy which was apparently abundant there. It was a great experience being rule breakers together with my mom, going through the unmaintained trails and literally rock climbing our way down and back up just to see the Alamere Falls. They weren't as amazing as I thought they would be (most likely due to the drought), but the hike was definitely a workout. I forgot to mention that both of these two hikes featured here both were in areas where there was no reception at all. So being prepared was definitely important. Check out the fun video I created above and the fun photos! :)

Some quick tips:

>> Since it's by the beach, it can be quite chilly especially if you opt to go in the morning like we did

>> It can get croweded, so try going on a week day morning

>> Wear long sleeves and pants to avoid getting poison ivy/oak

>> Just type into your maps: Palomarin Trailhead and that is a good starting place to lead you to Alamere Falls -- remember to follow the UNMAINTAINED TRAILS sign to get to the falls if that is what you are looking for -- also, you will have to go down this steep path to get to the beach area in order to get this photo to the right. You can watch the video I posted to see how our paths went as a reference! Good luck! Happy hiking!


Length: 8-9 mi

Difficulty: Easy/moderate

Duration: 4-5 hrs



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